Holy Ghost Feast/Festa do Espirito Santo

The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, in which are
kept the Holy Ghost Crown and Banners.
The Feast of the Holy Ghost is the main event of our parish year.  It has its roots in the devotion of Azorean islanders to the Holy Spirit, following the example of St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal (1271-1336).  This devotion has been brought to this country along with the emigration from the Azores over the past two centuries.  Feasts of the Holy Ghost are now common throughout Southeast New England.

Our parish celebrates our feast each year in late May or early June.  Throughout the year, dinners are held to help raise money, which is then given to the parish or used to support the feast itself.  After the feast, all proceeds go to the support of our parish.  And so, the feast is not only a wonderful time to celebrate our Faith, families, and community, but also one of the most important sources of support for our parish to continue its mission.

The dates for the dinners, and that of the feast itself, are below; please check the bulletin or call the office for more details or to order tickets as the date approaches.

First Feast Supper: 25 October, 2014
Second Feast Supper: 17 January 2015
Third Feast Supper: 21 March 2015

Feast of the Holy Ghost: 29-31 May, 2015